Dyla Delaila: April 2012

life and me . . .

  Assalamualaikum . . lame jugak laa kan tak update.. sorie.. menghilang yer dyla delaila bukan sengaja .. tp hilangnya dyla untuk menenagkan diri dan jauh dr blog.. kerana blog menyimpan 1001 suka dan duka dyla.. yesss.. i admit .. no at all dyla share.. but i will try my best to share about dyla delaila.. nothing special on my writing . hope all my followes,,new followers and especially my dearest followers En. Politik . . yess.. dyla tauu En.Politik actually menunggu entry dyla.. but its complicated na explain pada dia . .

kalau orang kate hidup tuh happy jer maybe orng tuh tak normal .. kehidupan dyla as SPM candidate nih pon da bole jadi gilor .. tp ape boleh buat .. terima dan ikhlas dgn ape yg kita lakukan . . insyallah.. our jorney will be save.. am I right ?

i miss the moment with En.Politik . . masing2 dgn tugas harian masing2 . . tak per.. En.Politik .. i always be fine !! dont worry oke ? this entry special for u.. haha.. kawad  and rugby btol btol tauu.. jgn buat maluu dyla oke ? i know you are ohsem guy so nothing impossible .. get it ? =')

 dlm hidup mybe ade yg kita tak suka kan ? but dyla.. benci .. tak suka .. tak kawan mmg tak de dalam kamus hidup dyla.. even orng tuh buat ape sekali pon.. dyla akn baek jgk.. yess.. mmg tak kan pulih semua but at least dyla tak dendam pd orng tuh .. and i also not blame you dear girl .. masing2 ad kekurangan .. so let be it oke ? i'm still  the old dyla.. but please dont repeat the same mistake.. and sorry for you if i rude.. =')

 dyla delaila
Thanks you for read this, much love