Dyla Delaila: The New Dyla Delaila !

The New Dyla Delaila !

 Assalamualaikum ! holaa . hai you alls ! how life ? hope you are in best feeling.. ceehh ~ well well. First entry dyla delaila after she become freedom from SPM 2012 !~ its already end guys.. well.. i feel like superb enjoy . I dont want to remember all about that EXAM ! i will continue think about it when MARCH coming soon .. yes ! that is me. heee. dyla nih sc stream student. it is not the easy one.. PHYSIC,CHEMISTRY,BIOLOGY,ADD MATH ! this subject macam na bunuh mental dan fizikal aku ! kalau difikirkan bila masuk je alam na SPM rase semua sub yg gilor nih macam aku boleh handle semua. so far alhamdulilah boleh carry on jer. but biasa lah we learn from mistake then we can improve our mistake ! itu semua saiko mental bg setiap student . so kita as a student kena lah alert ! wake up . jangan cakap susah , malas , aku tak pandai , aku ta reti ,, do it from now ! not tommorow , not next year and not bla bla bla !


 selepas habis je SPM .. dyla da macam orang yang ta de hala tuju .. yess ! tapi yang best yer dapat tidur lame2 like heaven you know ! hahaha . well .. normal I ta cukup tidur time sekolah dulu  so inilah masa I na buang2 na bazir2 .. then . lepak2 dengan kwn2 tuh biasalah .. mentang-mentang da ade lesen . so green light.. wehehehe ..mostly banyak pergi rumah miera. gosip sane sini .. shopping ,, tak pon on lappy online laa kan ! hmm .. bila da habis je spm nih .. ramai jugak yang tayer.. eh dyla bila huh kau na update blog ? lama kau tak update2.. ade jugak yang tanya  mana story pasal MR . POLITIK .. and so on ..seriously I mmg rindu gilor dgn dyla delaila .. its full of memory and my diary .. oke.. dyla janji akan selalu update oke dear ?
thats all guys .. ! :)

much love :


Thanks you for read this, much love

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